07 December 2017

Very important notes about Spring @Transnational

Sprint @Transnational is being ignored in the following cases:

1. when the caller method is calling the @Transaction annotated method from the same class

2. When the Annotated method is not public

@Transnational by default don't rollback for Checked Exceptions

class A{
     void caller(){
            doInTransactionMethod(); // @Transnational is ignored

    @Transnational // by default rollback for RuntimeExceptions
    public <return type> doInTransactionMethod(<params>){ // should be public as well

The problem is, I keep forgetting about the above 3 simple rules, So I tried to writing down here to try not to forget about it

 Also, here is a tweet that talks about public default limitation: https://twitter.com/mohewedy/status/1099781513888100352

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