18 November 2017

Goobye Eclipse welcome Intellij IDEA

I used IntelliJ IDEA before 4 or so years ago when I was working with Android and then switched back to Eclipse. And I felt that I came back to the stone age.

What stopped me from continuing on IntelliJ is that I use IBM Jazz at work which is not supported well by our team. And everybody uses Eclipse so I decided to follow the crowd.

Eclipse is a nice Java IDE, but I have some behaviours that I don't like which drove me to migrate to IntelliJ IDEA.

Nowadays I wanted to create JAX-RS Rest application, but Eclipse insisting that this is an EJB project and keep adding ejbModule source-based structure, and at this point, I felt It is it. Eclipse I am breaking with you :P.

I am using the community edition from IntelliJ because I don't need the "Enterprise" features of an IDE (like Create new Servlet, or EJB, or deploy to JBoss or Tomcat), I just use shell scripts to do the deployment myself, and it works on both *nix and M$ Windows platforms :)

Still, I use Eclipse just to use the powerful plugin written for Jazz Source code management. (until I figure out how to use jazz from inside IntelliJ)

And for green-field projects, I use spring boot of course (When I have the option :) )
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