12 December 2008

Things I regularly do when i open my PC

These things i found myself regularly do -online- when opening my PC:

1- get my msn messenger and yahoo opened with windows, so checking the contact list is the first thing
2- check the weather through "Windows Live Today" popup windows 
3- check msn emails and some times yahoo mails
4- if i want check jobs opportunities , i check gmail and job site links i bookmarked.
5- open Fci-h blog ( http://fci-h.blogspot.com )
6- open my blog (this page)
7- check arabteam2000-forum.com
9- check http://egjug.org
10- sometimes when need to know new things about java , http://TheServerSide.com
11- of course, my face book page

of course these not the only sites i go throw, but these things that i always do even if i don't need any thing from the internet.

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