11 December 2008

The First Run of Red Hat Developer Studio

I have today installed the Red Hat Developer Studio (RHDS) version 1.0 beta, it based on eclipse with many and many very handy add-ins.

From the first run, it seemed very well especially with its size, it is more that 500 MB (The larger the size, the more the capabilities added to it).

In my opinion, there are many disadvantages (at least compared to NetBeans, the one I prefer) and also there are many advantages.
Well, let me tell you about what I found:
1-its application server is JBoss ( that basically made me installed it)
But when running Struts application on, I found it seems like apache tomcat (this means that the JBoss web container based on tomcat)

2-It is based on eclipse (the most IDE that I don't like, because it is not smart at all!!)
I till this moment cannot know how to start running the web application in an easy way. To run web applications I use: alt+shift+x then press R, oops !!!!!!!
In netbeans I just press F6 !!!
Besides when I change any thing in the web application, the container has to redeploy the web app, in netbeans I just press F6 after doing changes and all things get done perfectly in a small amount of time, but in RHDS I need to stop server manually and then start it and wait for it to finish and then run the web app using alt+shift+x then press R!!!!!
3-There are shining parts in this IDE, like its struts-config easy-to-use tool.
We all know that in java there is a big problem named meta-data hell, which we have a lot of .xml files we have to maintain, but this new tool makes maintaining the struts configuration file is an enjoyable task. Moreover the tool isn't just a single tool, but its actually two tools, one for managing the file (adding/removing elements ) and one for managing the entire application throw dragging and dropping actions/form-beans/jsp web pages so you can control the application from a higher view. (see the next two pictures)

4-A new Visual Editor was added to design you html/struts/jsf pages, one designer for all these.
Really it is a good designer I liked it over Oracle JDeveloper's one. That visual designer has four aspects, Visual/Source, Visual, Source and preview.
Really it is a great thing in the IDE.

5-The IDE also supporting many technologies such as Hibernate, JBoss seam, JSF, JBoss RichFaces, Spring and of course basic web development such as JSP/Servlets and Struts 1.1 and 1.2
6-In general it is great but missing some things that are inherited from Eclipse.

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