08 February 2017

Google recaptcha behind a SSL Forward Proxy

If your machine/mobile device behind a SSL Forward Proxy, then there's a possibility that google recaptcha might not work on some browsers.

The reason is, the recaptcha tries to connect to 2 domains to do its work, and one of them is not so famous that you might not ever hit by the browser so there's a possibility that you can see such a message if you ever hit it:

But recaptcha connects to this server using AJAX calls, so it will not prompt.

So, you need to allow the link by opening the domain inside the browser (that you have problem not displaying recaptcha ) then take the risk and accept the new certificate.

The two domains are: https://www.google.com/ and https://www.gstatic.com/

Just opening the above 2 links in the browser that have the problem and accept the certificate will solve it.
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