26 July 2016

Create Local git server

Actually git doesn't work with client-server concept, it is distributed source control, where any repo can act as a remote repo for others and in the same time a local repo.

But in your organization, you need to have a place where you have your code resides either for keep code save, or even to do automated deployment or for any other reason.

suppose you have 2 Linux machines, machine A and machine B. (machine A will act like a server, where machine B will be your development machine)

1. machine A have to have ssh server installed; Login to machine A with user say 'git':

ssh git@machine_a

2. go to a directory where you want to keep your code, or even you want to do the autodeployemnt from there

sudo mkdir -p /repos/test-repo
sudo chown -R git:git /repos/rest-repo

3. init the origin on the server

cd /repos/test-repo
git init --bare

4. Your server is ready now, Now go to the client machine and create a folder where you will put your development source code:

cd ~/my-test-repo-code

5. create local git repo and point to the remote server we just created

git init
git remote add origin git@machine_a:/repos/test-repo

6. test your installation:

# we still in the client machine
touch test-file.txt
git add test-file.txt
git commit -a -m 'init'
git push remote origin

7. that's it, you now can write code and push it to your server, you can add hocks on the server (for deployment) or install your a web server to show the code in fancy interface or support other activities like code-review, etc.

Have fun.
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