31 January 2012

Servlets and thread safty

From Servlet 2.4 specs:

Thread Safety
Implementations of the request and response objects are not guaranteed to be thread
safe. This means that they should only be used within the scope of the request han-
dling thread.
References to the request and response objects should not be given to objects
executing in other threads as the resulting behavior may be nondeterministic. If
the thread created by the application uses the container-managed objects, such as
the request or response object, those objects must be accessed only within the
servlet’s service life cycle and such thread itself should have a life cycle within
the life cycle of the servlet’s service method because accessing those objects
after the service method ends may cause undeterministic problems. Be aware
that the request and response objects are not thread safe. If those objects were
accessed in the multiple threads, the access should be synchronized or be done
through the wrapper to add the thread safety, for instance, synchronizing the call
of the methods to access the request attribute, or using a local output stream for
the response object within a thread.
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