18 April 2011

How to install OC4J instance


In this post I'll take about how to install an OC4J instance.

Go to Oracle Website, and download JDeveloper (I am using jdevstudio10134.zip)

unzip the jdevstudio10134.zip in any directory of your choice...
Then edit this file: jdevstudio10134/j2ee/home/config/system-jazn-data.xml

Found the following block in the above file:
<user deactivated="true">
    <display-name>OC4J Administrator</display-name>
    <description>OC4J Administrator</description>

Change the following:
<user deactivated="true">

To be:
<user deactivated="false">

The default password is "welcome" without double quotes.

For information on how to use oc4j please see:
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