17 February 2011

Microsoft... Please stop annoying us with Internet Explorer

Hello reader...

In this post I am not going to talk about any technical staff.. but I'd like to send a message to the person who is responsible for the development of Internet Explorer in Microsoft.

I am not an expertise Web Developer, but this is my comments throw my work for a short while as a Web Developer...

I am using GWT to developer front-ends for back-ends written in Java. and for who don't know what GWT is, it is Google's web toolkit where you can write Java code and its compiler compile it into Javascript... it generates a version per browser..

I am alwasy testing my work against the three most famous browsers.. Firefox, Chrome and Internet explorer..

And here's the issues I am facing in Internet Explorer: (I am using Version 8.0)
1- Its user interface takes much more time to load then FF and CH
2- The web pages render in IE slower than FF and CH
3- It usually takes different behavior than FF and CH in implementing every thing.

For the above reasons... I never uses IE to do the happy-path tests!

Good luck Internet Explorer team and I wish you start comparing IE against FF and CH in order not to lose more users!
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