21 October 2010


Hi Folks,

WRun is an attempt to make "run" dialog box in MS Windows to be more like the Linux Run box (either Gnome, KDE)

I am a Linux User, but for some reasons I had to work on MS Windows nowadays. I always run programs in Linux using the "run" dialog (press Alt+F2), that's the only way I run my program (QtCreator?, Eclipse, firefox, etc).. I never run these programs using the desktop menu.

When I came to windows, I find the run box doesn't let me start most of the installed programs on my machine, so I decided to make a "Run" box for me.. and I named it WRun as KRun (you will understand me if you are a KDE user)

The code here is just a try to port the Linux "Run" box into Windows ... (although I didn't yet look in the source code for it)

This still a beta project that require more work ...

The project is on Google Code: http://code.google.com/p/wrun/

Thanks folks. :)
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