12 August 2010

MHO about famous C/C++ Editors/IDEs

Al Salamo Alykom,

Hi folks,
I just want to talk about my very small period experience with C IDEs.

For Java, Eclipse is #1 at all. but for C, it differs.

First, I'll talk of C junior programmer that aims to find a simple/powerful IDE/Editor to help him just to try out simple programs.

for Eclipse, I don't like its experience with C + it is heavyweight.
for VC++, It is WIN only product, and It is not simple to use GCC with it. (and It is from M$)
for DEV-C++, It is powerful ,but it is also a WIN only product (and outdated too)
for NetBeans, Like Eclipse, It is heavyweight + I don't like it :).
for VI/Gedit/Kate/Notepad++, it is great, but we just want to do things fast(Yea I know we can use plug-ins, and If so, it will be very powerful candidate)
for QT Creator, It is more siutable for C++/QT development.
for Code::Blocks, It is simple, fast, multi-platform, can use with dozens of compilers, but I am trying now to obtain a auto-complete feature for C std library fun, and I think I can get it working...

I just tried Geany IDE, and found it the best candidate for beginners.
I tried QT Creator, and found it a professional tool worth using....
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