09 September 2009

Introduction to JSPX ListTable component

So far we have introduced JSPX and Talked about the combo boxes and how to deal
with in the JSPX.
Today we are to talking about ListTable compoenent, it is actally a Data Table or
a Grid. The reason the framework creators don't name it DataTable because there is
already a DataTable component. Both components are responsible for displaying Grid
of data on the form, but DataTable is to deal with the underlying RDMBS directly,
but the ListTable, deals with components such as DAOs, EJBs, Webservices.
The following snippet is from JSPX formal documentations :
“ Formally we introduced DataTable as a readymade solution from jspx to interact
with DB and provide a widely common task that is to search DB and apply filters on
the search results. Some might say that interacting with DB directly is not
preferred way specially from the presentation

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