17 October 2007

I am using NetBean 6.0

Al salamo Alykom Wa rahmat ALLAH wa barakato :D

I am using NetBeans 6.0, what about you ?
Today, because i have nothing to do, i can not study or read in any book because i will join the army after a less than i week, so i heard from a while about the new version of NetBeans; my favorite Java IDE, so i have gone here, downloaded it and then installed it.

From the first run, I found it so bad, because of its GUI's heavy use of Annotations and because of introducing new classes for dealing with GUI forms, my opinion can found here.

But after looking farther in this new version, I found it so good with the new improvements that it introduce.
These improvements that I touch myself includes the Code Editor is much smarter and faster ( and this is the most one i prefer ) , new GUI templates , improvements in the property window, and much more.

So I invite you to try it yourself, you won't lose.

The following screen shots from a small GUI example that i made to try the new version:

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